Beats and Grooves 1 : Dance Xperience (Upper Secondary)

Programme ID: AEP0119862


Beats and Grooves : Dance Xperience is Apsara Asia’s dance-drums experience programme that will introduce students to both drums and dance moves.

The class would be split into 2 groups, one for drums and the other for dance will be taught respectively by the trainers.

Over the sessions students will learn African beats from drum instruments and dancers will learn hip hop grooves that will be in sync to the drumming. By the end of the session, the drummers and dancers will perform together supported by the physical guidance of the trainers.


1. Demonstrate and learn simple drum beats from Africa and or Samba rhythms using the drum instrument

2. Create an appreciation for drumming

3. Create an appreciation for dance movements

4. Encourage expression through drumming and dancing

5. Enable participants to enjoy movement and dance with live drumming

6. Enable participants to enjoy live drumming for dancers

6. Provide an opportunity to better appreciate dance and drumming through a fun filled interactive-collaboration session


Target Audience: Secondary – Upper

Language: English

No.of. Instructors: 02

Duration:10 Session(s) – 129 mins per Session

Class Size: 30

– COST –

Cost Per Student: 10 per Hour

Total Cost of Programme:  S$1,650.00

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