Dancing Anklets (Programme ID: AEP0118960)


This programme is now adapted to:

1. Provide live stream lesson on Zoom/Google Meet

Dancing Anklets brings children into the magical world of Indian dance and takes them on a fun filled journey to understand the gestural language of Bharathanatyam and experience the high energy of the folk beats and the colorful and vibrant Bollywood dance styles of the Bollywood movies!

Using the gestural language of Bharathanatyam, the children will identify different animal and nature movements through a guessing game as the performers demonstrate the movements and as they also try them out with their peers and the dancers. Dancing Anklets will also take the children on a high-energy performance trail to enjoy and understand the rhythmic patterns and beats of folk dance and the popular and colourful Bollywood dance styles. Dancers will dance off with each other to the folk beats and children will be encouraged to clap to the beats to understand and appreciate the rhythms of Indian dance. With the notion of anybody can dance, the children will be encouraged to move their body in different ways and connect with the beats, tempo, melody and vocal bolds of Bharathanatyam to groove with the performers as they a take on a guided trail to enter the world of Indian dance in a fun filled manner with animal and rhythmic play through simple non-verbal expressions.

Performances include:

1. Bharatha Natyam dance performance to showcase traditional dance

2. Indian folk dance and colourful Bollywood dance

3. Interactive session with hands-on approach to learn a simple dance movements through guidance from performers

4. Understanding musicality and rhythms through clapping. Children are taught to understand beats, tempos and rhythms through clapping their hands to the different beats,


1. Children will witness the dance and recognize the different components of Indian Dance (Bharathanatyam, Folk Beats and Bollywood)

2. Provide an opportunity to children enjoy Indian Dance performances by experienced dancers

3. See how the body expresses through Indian dance and experience the emotional journey of the dance

4. Use hand gesture of Bharatha Natyam to create animal and nature (e.g. water, creepers, sun, birds, deer, tiger, monkey, elephant, etc)

5. Understand rhythms and tempos of music in association to dance

6. Learn simple Indian dance movements from Bharathanatyam, folk beats and Bollywood


Venue: Classroom

Target Audience: Pre – School

Language: English

Duration: 60 mins


DVD player / PA system / CD Player


No. of presenters/ performers: 1/2


Total cost of programme: $500.00

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