Enter the world of Indian dance (Programme ID: AEP0118954)

Participants are invited to enter the world of Indian Dance – Bharatha Natyam. The explorative workshop highlights the components of Bharatha Natyam such, as the intricate and graceful dance movements, brief history and origin, explanation of rhythmic leg patterns, hand gestures and facial expressions. Through guided learning, participants will experience the essential elements of the captivating dance form, Bharatha Natyam.


1. Participants will learn and understand the history, origins, style and components of Indian Classical Dance forms:

2. Learn to experience and appreciate Indian dance forms.


Venue: Dance studio/ Music room

Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper

Language: English / Tamil

No. of instructors: 01

Duration: 04 Sessions (90 mins per session)

Class Size: 20


Microphone / CD Player

– COST –

Cost per student: $5.00 per hour

Total cost of programme: $900.00

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