Let’s Dance (Programme ID: AEP0118961)


This programme is now adapted to:

1. Provide live stream lessons on Zoom/Google Meet

Let’s Dance! is a dance exposure programme that will introduce the children to Hip Hop. The performance highlight that dance can be used as a form of expression. Children will witness dance performances, understand how dancers use their bodies to communicate and engage with the space; and groove to the various beats and melody of the songs or music. Through the interaction, the children will also be brought to enter the magical world of dance with the dancers and their peers!

Performances include:

1. Dancers in costumes to showcase high-energy hip-hop performance with upbeat music, which incorporates different levels and movement patterns created by the dancer with the dance space

2. Interactive session with hands-on approach to learn a simple dance through guidance from performers to celebrate Dancing together.

3. Understanding musicality and rhythms through clapping. Children are taught to understand beats, tempos and rhythms through clapping their hands to the different beats and tapping on body parts.

Let’s Dance! Is a fun and interactive programme that will excite the children through dance and its components such as music, beats, melody, costumes and dancers. The programme will end with a high beat session that will encourage everyone to dance together with the performers to connect with one another and celebrate the joy of dancing. Through this session, the children will be able to relate to dance movement, appreciate music, rhythm and hip-hop dance elements and have fun moving their bodies to beats, melody and music indifferent levels and with guidance.


1. Discover that dance can be used as a form of expression and communication of feelings (e.g. happiness, togetherness, anger, sadness, etc)

2. Understand rhythms and tempos of music in association to dance and respond to each accordingly

3. Move to basic hip-hop movement as a team.

4. Dancing with peers to upbeat hip-hop dance.


Venue: Classroom

Target Audience: Pre – School

Language: English

Duration: 60 mins


DVD player / PA system / CD Player


No. of presenters/ performers: 1/2


Total cost of programme: 500.00

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