Music N Motion (Programme ID: AEP0118549)


MUSIC N MOTION brings live music and dance together in this exhilarating performance where dancers will move to the beats/ sound of musical instruments and accompanied by musicians playing live.

This programme aims to showcase to the audience the significance of music to dance; identify and recognize musical instrumental and their synergy with movement for dance and dancers.

The performance will feature dancers from different genres (traditional, modern and fusion) with accompanying musical instruments and musicians, to showcase the Highlights.


1. Recognize different musical instruments and understand the sound it creates; and its synergy with 02 other instruments that are percussion, wind or string based.

2. Participants will be able to appreciate and understand dance in relation to accompaniment with live music and musicians.

3. Understand and appreciate the accessibility of beats, melody and dance movements

4. Witness how dancers use rhythms and melody from music to create dance movements

5. Enjoy a live performance by dancers and musicians.


Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / ITE

Language: English

Duration: 40 mins

No.of. Presenters:  01/04

– COST – Total cost of the program:  S$2400

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