Poetry Speaks-Page 2 Stage (Programme ID: AEP0118551)

POETRY SPEAKS-POEMS 2 STAGE, is a highly educational and innovative arts education programme that showcases 2 to 3 different arts forms: Poetry, Music and Movement into a single performance. 

Poems written by renowned poets such as Helen Steiner Rice etc which emphasizes positive messages, like friendship, harmony, quitting, ambition and also love will be selected as the basis of the performance, which will then be cleverly interpreted through music and movement and weaved into a colorful and delightful performance.

The performance concept is focused on the effect of combining and promoting the potential power of performing arts and poetry.


1. To give an overview of various poems through performance poetry.

2. To encourage students to appreciate poetry.

3. To create an interest in literature through poems and poetry performance.

4. To showcase poems of local poets through performance.


Target Audience: Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI

Language: English

Duration: 30 mins

No.of Performers/Presenters: 01/03

– COST –

Total cost of the program:  S$1450

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