Show Me Your Dance (Programme ID: AEP0118554)


This programme is now adapted to:

1. Provide link to pre-recorded video clip with live host

Note: To facilitate post-show learning, a programme worksheet will be provided for students.

“Show me your Dance!” is a dance exposure program to enlighten, excite and entertain the young generation of today. Showcasing different modern dance types, Hip Hop, Jazz and Salsa, these 3 dance forms are the popular dance forms of today, and each come from a vast history around the world. Today many competitions, showcases, dance and music videos which use these three dance types, and we bring the opportunity for students to experience seeing the dance forms and understanding more of where they came from and how they have developed. Dance brings much enjoyment, fulfillment, challenges and a healthy competition to push for more. We only wish to share with you the excitement and vastness of Dance and how it can relate to you and bring enjoyment, light and color to your world!


1. To give exposure and insight to the students on popular modern dance types of today

2. To share a brief introduction on where the modern dance forms came from, history, culture, country and societies etc.

3. To present a showcase of the 3 different popular dance forms to the students. Modern Dance Types focusing on are: Latin- Salsa, Hip Hop and Jazz

4. To give relevance of dance to the students to enable them to connect with the modern dance forms

5. To showcase and give exposure of the fun, enjoyment, and avenue of release, self-expression in Dance.

6. To show dance is a healthy activity to challenge and compete.

7. To provide interaction for the students to interact with the performers, and to present individual self-expression through dance movement.


Venue: School Hall

Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / ITE

Language: English

Duration: 45 mins


Microphone / PA system / Clean Stage, Change Area / [DIGITAL FORMAT AVAILABLE]

No. of presenters/ performers: 01/03

– COST –

Total cost of programme: $2000

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