Synergy in Cultures (Programme ID: AEP0118544)


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Note: To facilitate post-show learning, a programme worksheet will be provided for students.

This programme showcases features a 40 minutes multi-cultural dance performance featuring the ethnic dances of Singapore. One of the special features of the performance is a cross-cultural dance segment depicting the concept that arts has no barriers and it’s purely based on a joyous experience. This performance is choreographed and performed by professional dancers of the various ethnic groups. “Synergy in Cultures” aims to showcase the richness of the traditional dance forms and the multi-faceted talents of artists in presenting cross-cultural dances, thus conferring the notion that “Dance has no race, religion or language; but is based purely on rhythm, expression, body movements and joyous experience.” A brief narration will also be included in the performance to introduce the individual cultures and art forms. The collaboration between the multi-ethnic dancers showcases “Synergy in Cultures” that is weaved within the concept of racial harmony.


1. Promotes understanding of the customs and traditions of the different ethnic groups in Singapore through their art forms.

2. Audiences will be introduced to these various cultures and traditions and also be highlighted of the need for the different races to live and work together for the success of our nation.

3. To be aware and understand of the importance of racial harmony.


Venue: School Hall

Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / IT

Language: English

Duration: 30 mins


Microphone / PA system / Clean stage, Change Area /

No. of presenters/ performers: 01/04


Cost: $1,650.00

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